K is for Keeper

The Lord is your keeper … (Psalm 121:5 AMP)

My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day

Continuing the Alphabet Challenge, I’ve chosen Keeper for my K word.

I knew Gene was a keeper from the onset of our relationship. That’s why I married him. Turns out instead being my keeper, he became my keeper. He keeps me happy by entertaining my creativity. He keeps food on the table—not only through working, but also by cooking most of our meals. He keeps me healthy, insisting I take my vitamins. He keeps me entertained with his sense of humor. He keeps me secure with his strong arms in a comfortable house. Yep, Gene is definitely a keeper by both definitions of the word.


Jesus Seeks the Rejected

Jesus Seeks the Rejected

Jesus is also a Keeper. For what He has done for me on the cross, I’ll keep Him in my heart forever. He is also my keeper. He keeps me safe and secure in His everlasting love. He keeps working on me to create a Christ-like image in me. He keeps me on the right path so I won’t sin against Him. He keeps forgiving me when I stray off that path. He keeps watch over me at night so I can rest. He keeps the sun, moon, and stars on course so I can enjoy another day. Yep, Jesus is definitely my Keeper.

How about you what K word do you use to describe our Lord?

See you in a twinkling,

Brenda K. Hendricks


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