I’m a Prisoner and so are You

Spiritual Warfare

Part 21

So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. (Genesis 3:23)

Prisoner #0213Remember high school? Fun, excitement, zeal for life mingled with the longing to be free—free from books, rules, teachers, principals, and parents. We thought we’d be our own bosses after the completion of our education. Some opted to take four or six more years of the drudgery of school. Some dove head first into the real world.

No matter what path we followed after graduation, we all eventually discovered freedom from school only imprisoned us in some other form of institution. At work, we are accountable to those above us. Even if we’re self-employed, we conform to the demands of those who patronize us. At home, we answer to our spouses, our children, and even the dog. On the road, we succumb to traffic regulations.

Add to that our health, finances, and emotions and we hear the clank of the prison door slamming shut, the tumblers on the lock falling as the key turns. We are incarcerated in a world of shame, suffering, sin, and death.

No wonder there is such a longing for freedom.

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Next Week:

We’ll look at Joseph’s response to prison. Prepare by reading, pondering, and praying about Genesis 39:19-23.

See you in a twinkling,

Brenda K. Hendricks

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