Trouble at Camp Turnabout Creek

Trouble at Turnabout Creek

Trouble at Turnabout Creek

Just released!! My new preteen novel, Trouble at Camp Turnabout Creek is about:

Fifteen-year-old Ray Nuestrong volunteers as a junior camp counselor at Camp Turnabout Creek just so he can defend his skateboard championship title one last time. He figures between helping kids with crafts, nature walks, and talent show practices, he’ll have plenty of time at the skate park.  However, from the moment Kelsey and Kayla Brenner, tornados in twin little-girl suits, arrive accidents happen. But they aren’t the only distractions Ray faces. Pretty Amy Baxter, Ray’s toughest skateboard competitor, blurs Ray’s focus.  Meanwhile Carl Wertz, aka Frog, attempts to convince Ray that Amy and the twins are conspiring against him to keep him from practicing his skateboard routine. With a rubber chicken, a fake tarantula, and a jar of honey, will Frog lure Ray back to playing the prankster he had been as a camper?

Available in Paperback and E-book Format  at Trouble at Camp Turnabout Creek.

See you in a twinkling,

Brenda K. Hendricks


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