Put off until later



Drag my feet to “bait ‘er”


My way


For many years I lived under the sign:

“I’ve only just begun to procrastinate.”

I slip into procrastination unawares. I write a sentence or two, then find myself checking my email, which leads to my yahoo email account, which leads to facebook, which leads to twitter, which leads to blogs, which means I’ve wasted the afternoon on bunny trails.

Evening arrives and I vow to get 1000 words written before bedtime. “Blink” My daughters are both contacting me on AIM. We chat. I write…  one sentence in 6 ½ minutes. “Ring” a friend is on the phone to inquire about a problem she’s having with Word. We arrive at a solution in record time of five minutes, but our conversation covers what we had for supper, our grandchildren’s first words to their high school graduation. Ninety minutes later, I’m back to my story and notice that both my daughters are still waiting a response to their questions from an hour ago. Now, I’m back on AIM. It’s bedtime and I’ve written a grand total of 37 words.

I decide to stay up another hour or so to at least put a dent in my 1000 word goal. My stomach growls. I scoop up a small dish of ice cream return to the computer and as though plotting the next scene, I stare at the screen while the peanut butter swirl slides down my throat.  I place the empty dish on my printer and my fingers on the keyboard. Clickety click…I awake with a stiff neck and head to bed.

Procrastination strikes again! Drats!

Just Do It 2Recently, I determined to change my sign to “Just Do It!” And I’m making some progress. Whenever I see something that needs attention and I’m tempted to delay the inevitable, I hear a small voice in my head “Just Do It!” So I’ve been making a point to heed that voice and do it immediately. It’s working I’m catching up on the little things like paying bills, the laundry, and vacuuming. But, what about my writing?

Here’s the thing: other things still work their way into my schedule, which limit my writing time. The phone still rings. AIM still blinks. Emails still launch me into cyberspace. Even household chores become means of procrastination.

Ah, but God is not pleased when we procrastinate.

He says there is time for everything worthwhile. He even gives us time for relaxation. Creating a schedule is the plan…day by day, hour by hour. Sticking to it with an element of flexibility is the key to overcoming procrastination.

Some say the devil made them do it. I say he’s keeping me from doing it. I hear the Lord’s words to Moses and Joshua ringing in my own ears, “Why are you crying to Me? Why are you on your knees? Get up! Deal with it now. You are equipped. Do as I have showed you, commissioned you. Quit procrastinating.” (Exodus 14:15 and Joshua 7:10)

See you in a twinkling,

Brenda K. Hendricks

2 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Wow!!! Can you say CONVICTION!! I am definitely guilty of procrasitnation!! Thank you for the reminder!! The days are too short to put off the things that need to be done!

    • I know, Melinda. This was from the notes I used at a writers’ workshop two years ago. I was really trying to overcome my bad habit of procrastination. But I’m afraid I’ve fallen back down the slope again. I needed the reminder when I ran across the notes the other night.

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