Forgiving Unconditionally

Soul Detox

Part 11

So shall you say to Joseph: Forgive (take up and away all resentment and all claim to requital concerning), I pray you now, the trespass of your brothers and their sin, for they did evil to you. Now, we pray you, forgive the trespass of the servants of your father’s God. And Joseph wept when they spoke thus to him. (Genesis 50:17 AMP)

Man and womanHave you ever said you’ve forgiven, but—? I have. However, I am learning when I add the word “but” I still harbor some resentment. I continue to desire requital—payment or punishment of some kind.

For a long time, I struggled with forgiving people who seemed too unconcerned about offending me to ask for forgiveness. It never occurred to me that they could be unaware that they hurt my feelings. Although I said I had forgiven, deep in my heart, I refused total pardon unless they acknowledged the problem and asked for forgiveness. Wow! Did I have a lot to learn. Read More

See you in a twinkling,

Brenda K. Hendricks


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